Biddulph Grange – 15th May 2011


Photographs by Doug Church (DC), Wendy Moorhouse (WM)

On Sunday, 15th May a coach trip had been arranged to Biddulph Grange, a National Trust property in Staffordshire. I had never visited this property previously, but had always wanted to. On arrival the weather was cold and damp, but this didn’t spoil (too much) our time strolling around the wonderful gardens. The garden is not just made up of ‘rooms’, but countries. One moment we were in Egypt, then following a twisty path we were soon in China. Some of the areas were connected by scrambling through caves, so it was not possible to know what was at the other end – quite an adventure. My favourite part was the Chinese garden which included a part of the Great Wall of China, a temple, a bridge, a lake and ‘sacred’ statues. It was the time of year for rhododendrons, but I am sure that whatever time of the year a visit is made something different of interest would be seen.
I have been on several trips with the Hemlock Garden Club recently and this rated as one of the best, the somewhat inclement weather was counterbalanced by the warmth and friendliness of the members.
Doug Church